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Production advantage:


At Guangzhou Dunya Sports Ltd, we take pride in our production advantages that set us apart in the industry.


Advanced UV Spray Technology:


We are dedicated to producing high-quality Table Tennis Tables, and we employ the most advanced UV spray technology.

This technique ensures a dust-free and spray-free production process, prioritizing the safety of our workers and the environment.

Our MDF boards undergo meticulous preparation and are then precisely coated with UV spray.

This results in a surface that is incredibly smooth, with a flawless finish and a high level of durability.


Superior Screen Printing:


For the white lines on our tables, we utilize special printing ink and employ a superior screen printing technique.

This method provides flexibility and precise orientation, resulting in exceptionally clear printed lines.

Our high-quality ink is resistant to scratching, peeling, and color fading, maintaining its appearance for an extended period.


Innovative Folding and Locking Systems:


We understand the importance of convenience and safety in using our tables.

Our Single Folding and Double Folding Tables offer easy storage solutions, minimizing any headaches.

Moreover, we equip every model of our tables with locks to ensure the safety of our customers.

For added convenience, we have developed the Lock Guard System (LGS), which provides ease when opening and closing the table.


Sturdy Construction and Safety Features:


Our tables are designed with stability and safety in mind.

The thickness and width of the table legs are carefully selected to enhance the overall stability of the table.

Additionally, we incorporate Diagonal Bending Support (DBS) and Diagonal Straight Support (DSS) to provide extra reinforcement against unexpected excessive forces.

Our tables also comply with safety standards, ensuring a high level of safety.


Customizable Options:


We offer a range of customizable options for our V-SIX Tables.


You can choose the thickness and density of the table-top board, selecting the one that best suits your preferences.

The metal frames provide strength and flatness to the board, with different thicknesses available based on the board's thickness.

The UV spray coating ensures a high-quality and durable surface finish. Various wheel options, screen-printed edge and lining, and net post sets allow you to personalize your table further.


Outdoor and Indoor Tables:


Whether you need an outdoor or indoor table, we have you covered.

Our outdoor tables are manufactured using durable materials that can withstand various weather conditions while providing longevity and a traditional table feel.

For indoor use, we utilize top-quality materials that deliver excellent performance and consistent play throughout the table, making it ideal for competitions or home use.


Choose Guangzhou Dunya Sports Ltd for exceptional production advantages that guarantee high-quality, durable, and customizable Table Tennis Tables.




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