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Good quality Competition Table Tennis Table for sales
Good quality Competition Table Tennis Table for sales
Thanks for your good serivces.You have been very helpful and obliging. Overall I am quite satisfied so far and tables are looking good.

—— Stephen Thompson

You are very polite and patient throughout this transaction and I hope to do more business with you and it will be much easier next time.

—— Ed Schum

Hello, KENHO It seems that we have a feedback with WhatsApp Balls are very good Thanks for your job

—— Julien

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  • Production Line


    About Us:


    Guangzhou Dunya Sports Ltd.with V-SIX trademark which we have registered in China and U.S.A. since

    2000, is specialized in Developing and designing, producing and selling table tennis equipments. We have a factory which is located in Tongqiao Industrial area, Zhongkai Development Zone, Huizhou. Our factory mainly

    products are table tennis table, table tennis racket, net-post, etc.

    We can supply 3000-5000 PCS table tennis tables each month, and 10000-20000 PCS table tennis rackets

    each month.


    We will continue to do business with the purpose “continuous innovation, quality perfection,
    customer first” all the time, and we are looking forward to your visiting and consulting.

    Our Factory  Pictures:


    Material Processing Workshop:


    Guangzhou Dunya Sports Ltd.



    Guangzhou Dunya Sports Ltd.


    Guangzhou Dunya Sports Ltd.


    Our Roller-coating Machine:



    Guangzhou Dunya Sports Ltd.



    Guangzhou Dunya Sports Ltd.



    Guangzhou Dunya Sports Ltd.



    Our Metal-coating Workshop:


    Guangzhou Dunya Sports Ltd.



    Assembling  Workshop:


    Guangzhou Dunya Sports Ltd.



    Package Workshop:


    Guangzhou Dunya Sports Ltd.



    Material Storage:


    Guangzhou Dunya Sports Ltd.



    Factory Workers:


    Guangzhou Dunya Sports Ltd.



    Our Table Tennis Racket Workshop:


    Guangzhou Dunya Sports Ltd.


    Production advantage:

    The Technical Feature of Roller-coating:

    Table Tennis Table is the product which we are wholly absorbed in, We adopt the most advanced

    roller-coating, which can prevent from dusting and spraying during production, in order to protect

    the workers and evironment. The MDF board must be graveled and then printed by roller-coating.

    So the painting can be poured neatly as much as 100%, while the painting thickness can be

    controlled pretty less than 1mm,so the surface is very smooth, which is less than 8 degree luminosity.

    and the friction coefficient is not more than 0.6.

    Technical Feature of Screen Printing:

    In printing the white line of the table, we adopt our special printing oil, and a better technic of Screen

    printing which is very flexible and can orient precisely. The line thus printed is very clear.It allows the

    ink to penetrate through the silk screen holes and the scraper assures the silk screen to contact

    closely with the table and print exactly on it.The high quality white PVC screen ink used is not easy

    to be damaged by scratching, peel off and go colorfast. The color can remain glossy and brilliant

    for as long as five to six years.

    Folding System:

    Single Folding Table

    Double Folding Table

    Locking System:

    As the basic standard, we equipped locks for every model of table to make sure customer

    is safe while using our table.

    For advancement, we have Lock Guard System(LGS) to provide and ease at opening

    and closing of table

    Storage Ease:

    Storing the table can be a head-ache but we think of it to keep it minimal.

    Satety System:

    Some of our VSIX tables are in accordance with the European Standard EN14468-1.


    How to Choose our V-SIX Table:

    Table Top Board:

    Our board has various thickness, density and bounce are closely linked to each other.

    The more thicker board, the more uniform and consistent bounce it performs. MDF: thickness

    12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 25mm, medium density/hardness AP board: thickness 4mm, 6mm

    high density/hardness.

    Metal Frames:

    The frame increases the strength and provides even degree of flatness to the board. Our

    choosing of different thickness of frame is closely related to the thickness of table-top board.

    Coating Top:

    The repeat roller-coating (RRC) top enriches the quality of play, gives ball bounce more uniform.

    RRC applied 16 Layer of coating to provide a firm layer of surface which is used on our some

    models of table-top.

    Table Leg:

    The thickness/width of the legs is closely related to the stability of the table.By physical term,

    more thicker/wider more stronger.

    DBS and Dss carriage support:

    Diagonal bending support(DBS) and Diagonal straight support(DSS) provide the extra support

    of table in against unexpected excessive opposing force being applied.


    A must-have item on each table. It allows you to roll-away the table easily. Various diameter of

    wheel and brakeable wheel available to choose.

    Screen-printed edge and lining:

    Our table-top lining and frame side logo printing are made by screen print technique. This technique

    gives the printed object to be equalized on the surface of the object. it is good against scratch, not

    easy being peeled or colour faded.

    Net Post Set:

    A selection of net post can go with the table. Please see our list for the post net.

    Outdoor Table:

    We have selected an innovative and genuine AP board material to manufacture our outdoor table.

    They are capable to be installed in various condition (sun, rain and cold weather). They are durable

    and provide a similar feeling to traditional table material.

    Indoor table:

    We use top quality multiple density fiber board(MDF) to manufacture our indoor table. Althouth it

    cannot stand for extreme weather condition but can gives excellent and consistent bounces

    throughout the table. This kind of table is suitable for competition or home use.




    Guangzhou Dunya Sports Ltd.







    We can accept OEM production according to the customer’ s brand, logo, different design and

    material, packing requirements and supply high quality products at very reasonable price.


    Each year we develop our new design products to meet the customer’ s different requirements,

    and we can accept ODM production. And we hope to cooperate with our customer to develop many

    products to meet the market new requirements. Welcome you can visit us and consult to

    improve the products.


  • R&D


    Since established in 2003, Guangzhou Dunya Sports Ltd has insisted on doing business with the

    purpose “continuous innovation, quality perfection, customer first” all the time, we improve the

    product technology, the design of table tennis table, high quality control and safety control system

    including our advanced technic of Repeat Roller-coating, unique technic of screen printing,

    standard construction for table stability and safe.


    As pursuing perfection in quality and customer service to achieve timeless dedication and trusted

    performance, we have solidified good reputation in the market. We cooperate with many famous

    brands all over the world and our products designed to meet the Europe and USA standard. We are

    also looking for innovative ways to make safer and durable products.

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